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Kundala Massage
(Our Signature Service)
-Level 1
-Level 2

Traditional Massage
-Deep Tissue Massage.
-Swedish Massage. 
-Hot Stone Massage. 

Best full body massage in Salt Lake City

Energetic Healing
Crystal Stone Healing. Reiki. Sound Baths

Reiki, Crystal Stone Healing, Sound Bath
Reiki Massage in Salt Lake City

Professional Staff
2 Highly Trained Licensed Massage Therapists

Best Couples massage in Salt Lake City Utah

Immersive Vibe &Atmosphere
Crystal Stone Healing. Reiki. Sound Baths

Kundala Massage Best Massage Therapists in Salt Lake City

We are Proud to Announce Our Spa, Kundala Massage & Bodywork Has Been Rated One of the Top 10 Best Massage Places in Salt Lake City Utah for 2021.


Who We Are 

 Kundala Massage and Bodywork is comprised of 2 Licensed massage therapists who specialize in a rare style of massage called Kundala, but are also professionally trained in traditional massage such as deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. We are a small, local massage business that is quickly expanding.  

Our signature service, Kundala, is a unique immersive style of massage where the Licensed Massage Therapist syncs muscle manipulation to music; and in our Kundala level 2 massage, gets on the table with the client and massages with their legs in addition to their arms. The multiple points of contact synced with music gently guides the receiver into a trance like state we call Kundaland, a style of flow art therapy

We also offer Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Four Hands Massage.


Our full body massage spa is the best massage place in town. Our massage studio is located in Millcreek, near Salt Lake City Utah. We facilitate a grounding, bohemian atmosphere with unique vibes and services you won't find anywhere else.  

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Kundala Massage and Bodywork
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