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  • Energetic Healing Massage Services

  • Welcoming & Friendly Staff

  • Couples Massage & Four Hand Massage

  • Discounts on Kundala Massage With Trainee 

  • Warm Rooms, Psychedelic Boho Atmosphere

  • Light - Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage 

  • 5 Star Reviews

  • Same Day Booking / Walk In Massage (most days) 

Kundala Massage Best Massage Therapists in Salt Lake City

We are Proud to Announce Our Spa, Kundala Massage & Bodywork Has Been Rated One of the Top 10 Best Massage Places in Salt Lake City Utah for 2021.

By Expertise.com

Who We Are 

 We are a small, local massage business that expanded with new massage therapists earlier this year. Each of our Massage Therapists are down to earth, energy healing, bohemian gals that make balanced synergy and human connection a key element of each service.


We are all trained in many modalities of massage but specifically offer traditional styles like Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage for neck, leg and back pain.


Our signature service is a unique, rare style of massage called Kundala Massage where the LMT syncs music with muscle manipulation and uses their legs in addition to their arms as additonal massage tools. It is a hypnotic, therapeutic style of massage that feels like a performance but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch; a tactile performance. This service is best for those seeking emotional, psychological and energetic healing. Or for anyone looking for something new, meditative and hypnotic.

We also offer Couples Massage, Four Hand Massage, Private Yoga Lessons, and Chair Massage for events. 


Our massage spa is located in Millcreek, Utah. We facilitate a grounding, bohemian atmosphere with unique vibes and services you won't find anywhere else.  

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