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Need a massage? Well Look no further cause

what ever your massage needs are, I got you covered.

4885 S 900 E Salt Lake City, Utah, 84117

Please note: Im usually in an apt during business hours and cannot be attentive to my phone. For questions Check out my FAQ. If you Still have questions after that 

Text me at (801) 987-0740 and ill get back to you as soon as I can! =) 

I Book out about a week in advance, so book ahead of time to get your desired time slot!

By Appointment Only

Please book online 

My name's Camilla Chiniquy. I am an independent, licensed massage therapist with 8 plus years of experience, and can tailor a perfect massage experience unique to you, making you feel comfortable and right at home along the way!

I provide a variety of massage treatments, from traditional massage to an original massage style I created called Kundala. 

What ever you're interested in, whether that be a traditional massage or something new, the best massage for you is with me. 


All my massage services are done in my conveniently located, warm and inviting massage studio in Murray.


So what are ya waiting for? It's time to invest in you! Let me at Kundala Massage and Bodywork pamper you! 

    My Massage services 

   Click here for info and pricing on my services

   Click Here for my frequently asked questions 


  • CBD infused massage oil add on!

Traditional Massage 

Swedish Massage

  • A good old fashion Swedish massage. A classic. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

  • Deep dig and release chronic tension. 

 Side Massage

  • Perfect for pregnant women or people with nerve damage  that cannot lay on their tummy or back

Kundala Massage 

Kundala Float Massage   

  • Feel my legs and arms work effortlessly together for some relaxing magic

Kundala Ebb Massage  

  • The best body rub massage in salt lake city

Kundala Flow Massage  

  • My signature service, the deluxe Kundala Package. 

Swedish Kundala 

  • Kundala's twist on a swedish massage 

Kundala Steam Roll 

  • Kundala's twist on a deep tissue massage 


30min Massage Add Ons 

Hot Stone Massage

  • Let my hot stones melt into your muscles 

Heated Hand and foot Treatment -

  • Perfect for people with dry, cracked, or cold hands and feet!

Exfoliation Massage  

  • Rub out the dull and oil in the new 

Hot Towel Massage  

  • Get damp hot towels massaged into each muscle group

Cranial Sacral

  • A "massage" for your skeleton 

Warm and Heavy Full Body Compression  

  • Aka "deep pressure stimulation therapy," this add on will sedate you like nothing else will


  • Get full body massage with a focussed foot massage