Welcome to Kundala, your escape from the Mundane <3

I do not discuss my schedule or book over the phone, please do so **here.**

Im often busy and don't have time to answer questions in a timely fashion over the phone. For quick answers check out my FAQ. If you Still have questions after that, contact me.  :)

My name's Camilla Chiniquy. I am an independent, licensed massage therapist with 8 plus years of experience, and can tailor a perfect massage experience unique to you, making you feel comfortable and right at home along the way!

I provide a variety of massage treatments, from traditional massage to an original massage style I created called Kundala. 

What ever you're interested in, whether that be a traditional massage or something new, the best massage for you is with me. 


All my massage services are done in my conveniently located, warm and inviting massage studio in Murray.


So what are ya waiting for? It's time to invest in you! Let me at Kundala Massage and Bodywork pamper you! 

4885 S 900 E Salt Lake City, Utah, 84117

(801) 987-0740 (tex preferred)

I don't discuss my schedule or book over the phone

Please do so Online


(801) 987-0740 tex preferred


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