Kundala Massage 

Our signature service. 

What is Kundala? 

  • Kundala Massage is a relaxing full body, immersive massage experience. 

  • A hypnotic style where the masseuse matches their massage strokes to flowy music, and use techniques not done any where else in 


  • Kundala Massage is enjoyed in a progression of levels from Level 1 ->  Level 2   

Kundala Massage
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Level 1

Bored of the same old massage and are looking for something new? Then get ready for Kundala, your first full body massage experience.

  • Enjoy a memorized, choreographed massage routine, that will give you a good idea of what Kundala Massage is about


  • Perfect for clients who want the flowy, hypnotic energy of a Kundala Massage but prefer the artist focus on more common massage techniques in a traditionally structured format.

  • In this massage the artist remains on the ground and does not use their legs as additional massage tools. 


  • Still, be mesmerized as you feel the artist flow to the music, taking you on a tactile, whole body massage journey.  

Kundala Massage: Traditional Style. 

Level 2

After you have tried and loved Kundala Massage 1, it's time to try Kundala Massage 2, the next level in tactile sensation.  


  • In Level 2, enjoy Kundala massage the way it was meant to be enjoyed. 

  • Here the artist gets on the table with you and uses their legs, arms and body weight, synced with flowy music for a hypnotic, full body massage experience

  • This massage will leave you mesmerized, wondering what limb is being used where or what direction the artist is facing.

  • The artists have memorized multiple massage routines so it feels new every time you come in.  

  • Its almost like watching a show but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch. A tactile performance. 

  • Do you get on the table while I'm laying face up? No, we do a Level 1 style massage on the front, only getting on the Kundala extension table to access the head neck and shoulders. 

Authentic Kundala Massage

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Why do I have to do Level 1 before Level 2?

  • This progression is to acclimate you to this very new very different style of massage so when you come back you'll be able to fully enjoy the Kundala experience with the right context and mindset.

  • This massages' added elements encourages a deeper healing connection where both individuals need to vibe for it to be therapeutic. It's important for the artist to feel comfortable with you and your energy before a Level 2 so it can be an enjoyable experience for you and for them.

  • This progression also helps us weed out clients with the wrong intentions. 

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Why Kundala Massage?

1. It provides a healthy way to receive touch and connection, which are essential to well being. 

  • Without connection and touch, we can suffer emotional and psychological stress that manifests as energy blocks, depression, anxiety, a lack of connection to the world, lowered self esteem and so on.

  • Kundala massages help re-charge the lack of connection our modern society promotes, and facilitates a head space where a meditative "vacation" from the stressors of life can occur.

2. Legs are objectively better massage tools

  • They are longer and broader, perfect tools for relaxing massage strokes.

  • Heels and knees are broad and round, great to use in places where an elbow would be too sharp.

  • They are the strongest limbs of our body sharing the work load, making this massage easier on the body for the LMT than a traditional massage therapist, who often suffer from repetitive upper body use.


3.  It's a Massage Experience, not a clinical visit.

  • A traditional massage, from a Kundala perspective, is becoming more of a clinical visit than a massage experience.

  • The modern way of doing things has made massage distant feeling, mechanical, and above all else seems to forget that behind the shrubs, clipboards, and medical talk that at the end of the day, we are just animals that enjoy being pet and loved.

  • At Kundala Massage, we recognize this and try to balance both worlds with an added artistic flare.

4. Awakens your Fountain of Youth


  • Enjoying forms of art can be incredibly therapeuticreigniting youthful energy we seem to grow out of. Kundala massages act as an artistic outlet, not only for the artist but for the receiver of the art as well. 

  • Everything at Kundala, from the massage, to the decorations, lights and music all speak to the fountains of youth within all of us.  

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Tactile Hypnosis, Kundaland

  • Kundala is a hypnotic style of massage, that syncs tactile and auditory influences together, creating a "flow" of energy that gently guides the receiver into a meditative state we call Kundaland.

  • We call this process tactile hypnosis, a style of flow art therapy.

  • Once immersed into Kundaland, the clients natural Prana energy is awakened and the body can self heal. Prana is said to be each individuals life force energy, and by tapping into that energy we can manifest our own self healing power and longevity.  

$$ Save money with a Kundala Trainee. $$ 

  • Our massage artists are licensed massage therapists who are working or have worked thru the Kundala Massage Art Certification program through our company. 

The Price of our Full body massage Kundala Massage treatment:

  • Level 1:  80$/60min ~ $130/90min ~ $180/120min For both certified and advanced artists. 

  • Level 2: $100/60min ~ $150/90min ~ $200/120min for certified artists, $20 off with advanced trainee.

Each artist brings their own unique flow and energy to their massage. Clients tend to try all the artists then gravitate to the ones they flow with the best. 

Read about our artist here

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  • Kundala Massage can be tailored to fit your pressure preferences.

  • If you enjoy Lighter Massage, then don't be intimidated, our artists are professionally trained to make softer pressure preferences feel smooth and un-obtrusive.

  • For our Deep Tissue lovers, Kundala Massage is a fun way to creatively get into your deeper layers of muscle. By using body weight, Kundala Artists can use their knees to broadly get into your deeper layers of muscle. 

  • Contact us to see which of our artists are best suited to give you the full body deep tissue massage you've been craving. 

Light of Deep Tissue?

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Why the shorts and athletic top?

  • The Kundala Massage Uniform allows for the agility necessary to give an authentic Kundala massage experience while following at state regulation and massage laws. 



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Is Kundala Massage a body rub, or tantra style massage?

  • The short answer is no, but we are told by people who receive body rubs and tantra massage that our massage has similarities.

  • Our clients that do get body rubs often say they like what we do more due to our transparency, reliability, convenience, professionalism, passion and skill. Plus, it's hard to beat our kick butt spa, vibe and team. 

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"A Kaleidoscope of sensation." A "symphony of touch." "Artwork in motion." "Unique." "Divine." "One of a kind."