Frequently Asked Questions 

General Questions 


How do I prepare for my massage?  

  • Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time (10 minutes if its your first time / to fill out my intake form).  

  • Please arrive clean, limiting grim and body odor. 

  • Wash your hands and use the restroom before hand. Restroom is down the hall from my studio.

  • Cash, Venmo and all major credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

Can I walk in? No, all services are by appointment only


How does booking work?  I do not book over the phone, everyone must book online. I book out about a week or more in advance so to get a desired time slot please plan ahead. Check my booking software daily for last minute cancelations you could pick up or send me a text with your info if you'd like to be notified of any cancelations. 

How do you drape?  With a towel that covers private areas at all times; or you can wear dark colored, synthetic, form fitting briefs. (Briefs not provided, please bring your own)

When do I pay? After the massage is completed. 

Do I have to tip? Tips are accepted and are common, but they are not pushed or expected.  

Do you do discounts or have special offers? No.

Is that you in the pictures?  Yes. Can you send me pictures of you?  No.

Do you do couples? No


Do you do outcall? No

What is the recommended time for your traditional and Kundala massages?  90 min for my traditional massage styles. For Kundala new comers I recommend 60 - 90min float. Then second time a 90 min Ebb. Then the third time a 120 min Flow. 

Kundala questions / About Kundala 

What is Kundala? 

  • Kundala Massage is a hybridized style of massage stemming from my experience and education as a traditional therapist and body rub artist; now 10 years in the making. 

  • Kundala massage is a deeply meditative style of massage that uses nurturing, sensual energy to heal the body and mind. It's a style where the therapist uses their whole body to give the massage, often in sync with music, which creates sensory illusions that trance calm and quiet the mind. Kundala Massage is like watching a show but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch. A kaleidoscope of sensation. A symphony of touch. Artwork in motion. Unique. Divine. One of a kind.  


Whats the difference between Kundala and traditional massage?

  • A traditional massage, in my opinion, is becoming more of a clinical visit than a massage experience. My Kundala massages bring back connecting elements modern massage lacks.  

  • Kundala is unique because unlike traditional massage, I am not limited to using solely my arms and hands, but in fact, embrace every tool I possess, which in this case is almost my whole body; feet, knees, legs, arms, elbows, hands and with my Ebb and Flow massages, my abdomen. Using every tool I possess, often in sync with one another, I create sensory illusions that trance, calm, and quiet the mind. 

  • Kundala massages are almost like watching a show, but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch. This sensory performance induces a trance like quality that makes it easier and more natural to relax and let go.

What are the health benefits of a Kundala Float Ebb & Flow Massages?

  • Kundala is full of nurturing touch and energy. Unfortunately, we live in a society that down plays the importance of touch, when in reality it couldn't be more important. Touch is a basic human need. Far too often do people, particularly men, go with out it. With out it, we can suffer emotional and psychological stress that manifests in energy blocks, depression, anxiety, a lack of connection to the world, lowered self esteem and others. My Kundala massages re charge the lack of connection our modern society promotes. 

  • Clients often report being in a in-between state of awake and asleep;  hypnotized state one of my clients coined as "Kundaland."  A meditative state where a deep level of healing begins. 

  • Kundala Massage: 

    • Increases self esteem

    • Helps clear energy blocks

    • Revitalizes nurturing sensual energy

    • Induces a hypnotized meditative state

    • Increases mental clarity

    • Helps alleviate depression and anxiety

    • Promotes a heightened sense of well being and connection

    • Releases endorphines

    • Circulates blood flow

    • Alleviates pain, stress and discomfort

Why do I have to enjoy Kundala Float and Ebb in order to try Kundala Flow?: Since Kundala is such a new and unique style of massage, I require clients start at float to get a sense of what Kundala is all about, too make sure its a good fit for both parties before trying Ebb & Flow.

Whats the difference between Float, Ebb and Flow?: The only difference is whether or not I get on the table to use my legs and whether or not I use my abdomen as an additional massage tool. 

Is Kundala Massage like Tantra and Nuru massages? No. I have never done nor am trained in either style of massage, tho I have been told from clients who have tried tantra that my massages are similar energetically.  Kundala is a 100% original, organic style I have created all on my own. 

Is Kundala Massage a "Sensual Massage?": All Styles of Kundala are sensual in the classic definition of the word which is to "enjoy the senses". Everything from the lights, to the scents in the room to the nurturing touch is all sensual, tho sensual should not be confused with sexual, which Kundala massages are not. I expect the highest levels of respect and will not tolerate any kind of provocative behavior. 

Do you allow "mutual touch?": No.

What if I get aroused? Is that common?: Arousal is rare but it happens time to time and in fact happens in all form of massage, often times form being incredibly relaxed so it shouldn't be something you are embarrassed about. I am a professional, things like that don't bother me. Also, my draping involves multiple layers of heavy towels that give you a great sense of privacy so even if you do I wont be able to notice, or care if I did. 

Why the shorts and tank top or sports bra? Depending on the style of Kundala, I use my legs and abdomen as additional massage tools. My attire gives me the agility necessary to deliver an authentic Kundala experience while following all state regulation and massage laws. 

Do you work on women? Absolutely! Kundala is meant to be enjoyed by any one, no matter their sex or gender.


The Client Experience 

  • EARTHY DECOR: Right as you come in to my massage studio, be greeted with down to earth decor with a hippy vibe and laid back flare. Orange and red paint the walls, hints of blues and greens accents them with decor from around the world. 

  • AMBIENT LIGHTS & AROMATHERAPY: The ambiance of the studio is immediately inviting and relaxing. Smell the wonderful scents of different blends of aromatherapy in my colorful LED diffusers. Feel at ease with my ambient lighting of dim hues of red, orange and green. 

  • MUSIC: The music of my spa is electronic lounge music, which sets a unique entrancing energy and vibe. Each track is hand picked in a collage of music that guides my massage. To see a sample of my music, check this track out on youtube. 

  • HEAT: You'll never be cold in a massage room again, for in my Kundala massages, I keep it hot. A Grad A silent electric heater keeps the massage room at a cozy 77-80 degrees. That may sound like too hot but while you'r on the table you will love the warmth melting your muscles and easing your tension. (I've never had anyone complain about the heat, most people absolutely love it but if you  would like it cooler just let me know!)

  • DRAPING:  In a traditional massage, normally a sheet covers your whole body. I fully believe that the sheet is a waste of time and a waste of your money. The constant act of "re-draping" takes time away from your massage and disrupts the flow of it. Instead of that I use a towel that securely drapes your private areas at all times. 

  • AIRBRUSH EFFECT: At the start of each Kundala Massage, I start by using the tips of my fingers to effortlessly glide gently over your skin, seemingly choreographed to the music. It quite literally feels like my finger tips are dancing on your skin. This is how I get your mind completely present and in the zone, prepping you for what comes next. 

  • HOT RAIN: In each massage service, I use organic, cruelty free massage oil. I apply it in a way that makes you feel as if hot rain or rivers are dripping or waving over your skin. This hot oil application is tantalizing, and can literally take your breath away. 

  • THE MASSAGE: Once you have been prepped with my "airbrush" , "hot rain" techniques, begin to feel my limbs glide effortlessly in a graceful sequence guided by the music, relieving pain every where I touch. My touch is gentle yet firm and knows near the exact pressure to give on each muscle group.  Be completely mesmerized as you feel my limbs moving from one place to the next, often not knowing which way I'm facing or what limbs I'm using where. My massages are almost like watching a show, but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch. This trance like quality of Kundala makes relaxing much easier and natural compared to a traditional massage. Its highly unique and un like anything you have experienced. Gaurenteed.  

  • HOT TOWELS: After your massage is complete on your back side, feel a hot towel melt even deeper into your back neck and shoulders, melting away any remaining achenes. When your massage is completed on the front side, get another hot towel on your forehead and facial muscles, melting away years of facial stress. Each hot towel does a great job of removing the bulk of the hot oil. If you would like another towel, just ask, id be delighted to give you one. I also have a shower available for before or after the massage. Just remember to bring your toiletries, a towel and a change of clothes to walk down the hall where the shower is located. 

  • FINAL TOUCHES: Once your massage is complete, cool down with a cool towel, glass of chilled water and a fan to help dry and cool you off. 



I don't discuss my schedule or book over the phone

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