Frequently Asked Questions 

General Questions 


How do I prepare for my massage?  


  • Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time (10 minutes your first three times)  

  • Please arrive clean, limiting grim and body odor. 

  • Avoid eating a large meal beforehand

  • Wash your hands and use the restroom before hand. Restroom is down the hall from my studio.

  • Cash, Venmo and all major credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

Can I walk in? No, all services are by appointment only


How does booking work?  Bookings are done online for convenience. 

How do you drape?  Clients can either wear their own synthetic form fitting shorts, or opt to wear spa provided, hand made pieces that securely cover private areas at all times. Individuals who identify as female will be covered with a towel over their chest in addition to their shorts or provided covering. 

When do I pay? After the massage is completed. 

Do I have to tip? Tips are accepted, but they are not pushed or expected.  

Do you do discounts or have special offers? For the new Kundala trainees, yes. 

Is that you in the pictures?  The LMT in the photos is Camilla, the owner and founder of Kundala. 

Do you do couples? Yes!


Do you do outcall? No.

Kundala questions / About Kundala 

What is Kundala? 

  • Kundala Massage is a hybridized, tactile style of flow art pulling from multiple modalities, now 10 years in the making. 

  • Kundala massage is a deeply meditative style of massage that uses trancing energy to heal the body and mind. It's a style where the therapist uses their legs in addition to their arms, in sync with music, which creates sensory illusions that feel highly immersive. Kundala massages are almost like watching a show, but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch; a tactile performance. 

  • Some Kundala clients would describe it as a "kaleidoscope of sensation." A "symphony of touch." "Artwork in motion." "Unique." "Divine." "One of a kind."  


Whats the difference between Kundala and traditional massage?

  • A traditional massage, from a Kundala perspective, is becoming more of a clinical visit than a massage experience. Kundala massages bring back connecting elements that modern massage lacks.  

  • Kundala is unique because unlike traditional massage, the LMT is not limited to using solely their arms and hands, but in fact, embrace every tool they possess; feet, knees, legs, arms, elbows, hands and body weight. Being able to use all the tools they possess makes for a very unique, creative experience.

  • In traditional styles, music often takes the back seat, playing in the background as an after thought. In a Kundala Massage, music is king, acting as a conductor controlling the LMTs flow. 

What are the health benefits of a Kundala Massages?

  • Touch is a basic human need. Far too often do people go with out it. Without physical touch, we can suffer emotional and psychological stress that manifests as energy blocks, depression, anxiety, a lack of connection to the world, lowered self esteem and so on. Kundala massages re charge the lack of connection our modern society promotes, and facilitates a head space where a meditative "vacation" from the stressors of life can occur. 

  • Clients often report being in a in-between state of awake and asleep; a hypnotized state one Kundala client coined as "Kundaland."  A meditative state where a deep level of healing takes place. 

  • Kundala Massage: 

    • Increases self esteem

    • Helps clear energy blocks

    • Revitalizes nurturing energy

    • Induces a hypnotized meditative state

    • Increases mental clarity

    • Helps alleviate depression and anxiety

    • Promotes a heightened sense of well being and connection

    • Releases endorphins

    • Circulates blood flow

    • Alleviates pain, stress and discomfort

Why the shorts and athletic top?  This attire allows for the agility necessary to deliver an authentic Kundala experience while following all state regulation and massage laws. 

Do you work on women? Absolutely! Kundala is meant for everyone, no matter their gender. <3

***Staff will not tolerate any kind of provocative or illicit behavior.***