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Couples Massage at
Kundala Massage & Bodywork in Millcreek, Utah. 

Couples Massage Reviews Salt Lake City UT
Most Relaxing couples massage in Salt Lake City Utah

The most bohemian couples massage spa in Salt Lake City Utah! Here, you're not just getting the same old boring massage service but instead a unique massage experience.


  • Bohemian, Romantic Vibes

  • Rich deep colors with alluring lighting and decorations that IMMERSE you into the space

  • Leave your partner in AWE

Couples massage near South Salt Lake UT
Couples massage spa deals Salt Lake City
Couples massage in Millcreek Utah.  Personalized Love Message

Surprise your partner even further with a personalized message they will see while laying face down. 

  • "I love you to the moon and back"

  • "You inspire me"

  • "You take my breath away" 

  • "You are my other half, my everything"

Personalized love message

Couples Massage in Murray

Subtle Light Show and Aromatherapy

During your massage, gaze down at our subtle, color changing LED diffusers as the water vapor and light dance off the gems for a subtle yet mesmerizing light show, included in all our couples massage packages. Little touches our couples spa has that other couple spas don't have. <3

Your choice of aromatherapy:


  • Lavender - calming and sedating

  • Frankincense - spiced wood smell known for its anti inflammatory properties.

  • Peppermint - improves mental function 

  • Eucalyptus - opens the lungs & invigorates the senses 

  • Cedarwood - calming wood scent,  said to ward off negativity 

Romantic massage for couples in Salt Lake City Utah

Couples Massage 

Fall in love all over again at our couples massage spa with an unforgettable massage experience.


Now is your chance to book your romantic couples massage get away. 

Call the spa during business hours and  book your couples massage day.

1 (801) 666-2997

A great idea for:

-A anniversary gift

-A fun date night or celebration, 

-A cool experience to chat about

-A must for locals.  

Our Best Couples Massage Services

At Kundala Massage and Bodywork, we have the couple massage packages and services you need to make your couples massage the best one yet.


$160/60min ~ $240/90min

$160/60min ~ $240/90min

Couples Massage Day spa in Millcreek Utah

Kundala Massage For Couples
Want a massage that matches the vibe and energy of the spa? Then you have to try our Kundala Couples massage. A hypnotic style of massage where the artist matches their massage strokes to flowy music, a massage with techniques done no where else in Utah.  Definitely the most exclusive and rare couples massage package  in the state.
Level 1 or Level 2
Level 1: For couples new to this bodywork.
Level 2:
Couple Veterans or recommended after you've both tried level 1.   

Level 1

$180 ~ 60min

$280 ~ 90min


Grab your partner and get ready for an unforgettable couples massage.


  • In level 1, our Kundala Artists have memorized a pair specific, choreographed massage routine, that will give you and your partner an excellent taste of what Kundala Massage is all about. 


  • This massage is perfect for couples who are interested in the flowy, hypnotic energy aspects of a Kundala Massage but are new to legs being used as massage tools. 

  • In this massage the artists remain on the ground and do not use their legs as additional massage tools and instead give you a Kundala experience in a traditional massage format with traditional leaning massage techniques. 


  • Still be mesmerized as you feel the artists switch between both of you through out the massage, and at times have both artists working on you and your partner at the same time!

  • Also enjoy designated hand holding, where the artists will bring you and your partners hands together for connecting moments. 


Perfect for couples bored with the same old massage experience and are looking for something new and unique. 


Price includes both massages. 

Level 2

$220 ~ 60min

$320 ~ 90min


Grab your partner, and get ready for a unique massage experience you'll both never forget.


  • In a Level 2 Kundala Massage, the artists get on the table with you both and use their legs and feet in addition to their arms and hands for a hypnotic, tactile, sensory performance designed for you both to enjoy together.

  • Our Kundala Artists have memorized a couples specific, choreographed level 2 Kundala Massage routine, that will have you both mesmerized, wondering who is working on who and what limbs are being used where as you feel the artists switch between both of you through out the massage, and at times have both artists working on you and your partner at the same time!

  • Also enjoy our special, designated hand holding, where the artists will bring your hands together for connecting moments.​


  • Love knowing that you're receiving the exact same moves and techniques your partner is receiving so you both feel on the same page the whole time. 


Recommended after you both have tried and loved a Level 1 Kundala. 


Price includes both massages. 

Why do we have to start at Level 1 before Level 2?

  • This progression is to acclimate you to the right context and mindset needed to fully enjoy this unique massage experience. 

  • Our level 2 massage facilitates a deeper healing connection where all individuals need to vibe for it to be therapeutic. 

  • Starting at level 1 makes a level 2 that much better. (Trust us.)

  • It's important for clients to be "passed off" in level 1 so your level 2 artists can feel comfortable with you and your partners energy, knowing you have the right mindset so it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • This progression also helps us weed out clients with the wrong mindset or intentions. 

Kundala Massage Gift Packages 

Take the experience home with you with our

Kundala Massage Couples Gift Package, a $100 value, only $60!

  • Lather each other up with our "Naked" organic, hand poured soap bar

  • Soften those lips with our Vanilla, soulmate flame chapsticks 

  • Oil each other up with our unscented, hypoallergenic Kundala Massage Oil 

  • Enchant each other with our organic,hand poured "love spell" scented candle

  • Wear the aromatherapy from your massage session with your choice of matching aromatherapy absorbing, lava bead bracelets

  • Be reminded of your partner daily with our "Love Stone" or Rose Quartz, matching key chains

Couples Massage Gift Packages Salt Lake City
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