We are looking for our next round of students to train and work in the original, unique modality of Kundala Massage. 

Kundala is a tactile style of flow art that syncs music with muscle manipulation in choreographed routines, that feel as if multiple therapists are working on the client at once. This is a hybridized style of massage, where the therapist uses their feet, legs and bodyweight in addition to their arms and hands as additional massage tools to illicit a trance like state where deep energetic healing takes place. Perfect for a bohemian spirit. It requires a decent amount of athleticism, so potential employees should have good balance, strength and coordination. Once employed enjoy: 

  • More Pay: Once certified, take home pay will be commission based. $40 - $60 per hour service. $75 - $85 for 90 minute service. $90 - $110 for 2 hour service. Not including tips. 

  • Less industry related strains and injuries: Traditional massages can wear on the upper body. In a Kundala Massage, feel good knowing your legs (the most powerful limbs in your body), will be helping out with the work load. This will reduce the amount of time you work on your wrists, hands and thumbs. 

  • A highly paid, in demand, unique, new modality to add to your massage repertoire. 

  • Paid training. 

Just one look at our business reviews and it's easy to see why the owner is regularly booked out three months at a time.

Kundala Massage
Kundala Massage

Kundala Massage
Kundala Massage

Kundala Massage
Kundala Massage

Kundala Massage
Kundala Massage


Introducing your instructor  

Camilla Chiniquy LMT

(Owner and Founder of Kundala Massage.) 

LMT #: 10097300-4701


Camilla graduated from Healing Mountain Massage School and the University of Utah with a bachelors in Sociology. She is a Reiki energy healer, certified yoga teacher, and has over a decade of experience in multiple modalities of massage. 

Camilla considers herself more of a massage artist then therapist. She has an extensive background in dance, yoga, gymnastics, and flow art which is the foundation to her trademarked, Kundala Massage.

In addition her background in massage, she has extensive experience training others as she used to recruit, train and manage employees for a spa in her earlier years before opening Kundala Massage & Bodywork. Her company has been very successful. Camilla is booked out months in advance and is no longer accepting new clientele. She is now focusing on sharing her modality with others and expanding her company. This is not a massage style you will find on YouTube or Wikipedia. This is a 100% original style created by Camilla. 

She is eccentric, laid back, down to earth, with a bohemian vibe and spirit. Easy to work for, and encourages a loving, family style work environment.  




Learn all there is to know about Kundala so you feel 100% confident before working on clients. You'll be trained by Camilla, step by step along side other co workers at the Kundala massage location in a large classroom with social distancing in mind. Training will be paid and will take about 5 weeks, (start taking real clients and working in the spa within three weeks). 

In training learn:  

  • Body Mechanics - how to safely structure your body so you can do Kundala like a pro

  • Flow - learn how to use your intuition and energy to manipulate the clients muscles in a way that trances, calms and quiets the mind; like Thai Chi.  

  • Yoga positions from which the movements are based. 

  • Mini work out routines that strengthen the main muscles used in Kundala 

  • The anatomy of your legs, on how they make great massage tools. 

  • How to use your body weight to transition from place to place and to manipulate muscle tissue. 

  • Choreographed massage routines 

  • Spa Etiquette  

  • Day to day operations