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Now Offering Kundala "Energy Bath"

Sink deeper into your relaxation <3 We are now offering our Kundala "Energy Bath" service as an add on to your massage, or as a stand alone appointment. $30 for 30 minutes of energy healing. Metaphysics, can be described as physics that have yet to be fully explained or understood. The metaphysics of energy, and an individuals ability to manipulate, or influence that energy can powerful, intriguing and worth further inspection. What was once pushed to the side as illegitimate school of thought is now being studied and taken more seriously. Crystal stones, crystal sound baths and reiki energy healing can all be considered components of meta- physical healing. #kundalamassage #energyhealing #reikiutah #reikislc #slcenergywork #utahmustsee #travelutah #metaphysics #healandrelax

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