******My relaxing massage services fall into 3 categories: traditional massage, my signature service Kundala Massage, and massage add ons. Look to see what perfect massage in Murray is the right one for you!****** 

Traditional  Massage 

  • Swedish Massage: $80 / 60min ~ $130 / 90min ~ $180 / 120min 

Just need to decompress and get some feel good endorphins going? Then this is a perfect relaxing massage for you. 

  • Deep Tissue Massage $80 / 60min ~ $130 / 90min ~ $180 /120min 

Dig deep and release chronic tension from your deeper layers of muscle in my deep tissue massage.​​

Kundala Massage

A modality in a league of its own. Unique. Divine. One of a Kind. My Kundala Massages are unlike anything you have experienced. Kundala is artwork in motion, a kaleidoscope of sensation, an ebb and flow that feels completely immersive. Akin to a performance, my Kundala Float, Ebb & Flow massages are choreographed routines that are designed to feel as if multiple people are working on you at once, while using my legs and abdomen as additional massage tools. A Kundala Massage Is like watching a show, artwork in motion, but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch. A sensory performance. Truly an extraordinary experience. For the best experience, 90min - 120min sessions are recommended.  

Feeling adventurous? Ready to fall in love with a new modality of massage? Lucky for you its just a few clicks away and a drive to me at my massage studio Kundala Massage & Bodywork.

****Since Kundala Is such a new and unique form of massage, I require all new clients In order start at Kundala Float, before trying Ebb, then Flow. This progression is to make sure Kundala is a good fit for you and I. There are no exceptions. If you purchase flow with out first trying Float and Ebb your massage will be changed in the system or at the point of service. Questions? Check out my FAQ****  

Kundala Float Massage:

$120 / 60min  

$170 / 90min 

$220 / 120min

  • Welcome, to your first Kundala Massage, where I get on the table and use my legs in addition to my arms in a graceful sequence guided by music, relieving pain every where I touch. My touch is gentle yet firm and knows near the exact pressure to give on each muscle group.  Be completely mesmerized as you feel my limbs moving from one place to the next, often not knowing which way I'm facing or what limbs I'm using where.  It's highly unique and un like anything you have experienced. GuaranteedMust enjoy this massage before trying Kundala Ebb.

  • Questions? Check out my FAQ

Kundala Ebb Massage:
$130 / 60min
$180 / 90min
$230 / 120min
  • After you have tried and loved Kundala Float, give this one try! Kundala Ebb includes all the great aspects of my Float massage, only this time I introduce and incorporate the use of my abdomen. This feels quite amazing cause nearly your whole body (back and legs) are getting massaged at the same time which has a very sedative, calming effect.  
  • Kundala Ebb is considered a transitional massage into Kundala Flow.
  • Questions? Check out my FAQ

Kundala Flow:

 My Signature Service

(the best body rub in Salt Lake City)

$140 / 60min 

$190 / 90min 

$240 / 120min

This is Kundala's twist on deep tissue massage. In this service I use the  broadness of my knees and the weight of my hips behind them to smush into the deepest layers of your muscles. This massage includes my "sacral walk " add on, where I methodically "walk" up your back from your sacral glut muscles all the way up to your neck with my knees, targeting each tight spot. This is a totally unique way to get a deep tissue massage. 

This is Kundala's twist on a traditional Swedish massage. In this service I incorporate the use of my legs while remaining on the ground. Perfect for light to medium pressure preferences.

Massage Add Ons 

Optional CBD Infused Massage Oil

The well known benefits of natures hemp CBD is now available at Kundala Massage! This Clinical Cannabidiol oil is

  • Nut free

  • Rich and moisturizing

  • Provides topical pain relief to muscles 

  • Contains NO THC & is safe and effective.

  • Crafted with the highest quality ingredients

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free 

Add this oil when you book & give your muscles a taste of natures finest!

  • Hot Stone Massage

My lava hot stones are heated to a healing temperature, applied with hot oil, and gently massaged into your achey muscles to help bring them warmth and relief. Want your muscles to melt? Get your hot stone massage in Salt Lake City with me at my massage studio, Kundala Massage & Bodywork. 

  • Heated hand and Foot Treatment

If you have dry, cracked or cold hands and feet then this is the treatment for you! Get a nourishing cream massaged into your hands and feet, then let heating pads penetrate through your dry or cold layers. After your hands and feet have simmered, enjoy a detailed, dedicated hand and foot massage. Hands should feel like new!

  • Cranial Sacral

is a form of massage that targets the long held tension our skeleton holds from years of stress. By using incredibly light, long pressure holds on your sacrum, spine and scalp, I can help you release chronic tension your skeleton may be holding. During this treatment, people often report being in an in between state, where they're not fully awake but not sleeping either. Releasing stress in this state looks different for every one. The most common things seen are involuntary yawning, twitching, eye rolling and swallowing. This service is not for people looking for a massage where their muscles will be manipulated. This "massage" is incredibly light, holding spots on the skeleton for 5 minutes per hold. 



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