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Just want a nice traditional massage in a unique atmosphere with down to earth staff? Then you've come to the right place. 



 Swedish Massage / Soft Tissue Relaxing Massage

Need to decompress and get some feel good endorphins going? Then this is a classic relaxing massage for you. 



Deep Tissue Massage

Dig deep and release chronic tension from your deeper layers of muscle in our deep tissue massage. 

Draping options:


Minimal Draping: our spa provided, hand made piece you step into that secures your personal privacy while leaving your muscle groups accessible. This allows our therapist to transition smoothly between muscle groups and gives you more time to be massaged. 

Traditional body sheet: what you would typically get at a traditional massage spa. 

What Makes Traditional Massage Great?

Traditional styles of massage (deep tissue and swedish) offer many benefits that may improve daily life. 


Some pros of deep tissue massage include: pain relief, stress relief, reduces arthritis symptoms,  alleviates mental and physical fatigue, breaks up scar tissue, may improve respiratory health. 

Deep tissue and swedish massage have been around for many years and receivers of traditional massage swear by its benefits.  

At Kundala Massage, we believe that physical, mental, and emotional health are all closely related.  Whether you book a deep tissue to relieve pain and tension, or you are in need of a swedish massage to help your body and mind relax, our massage place is the best for you.  

Traditional Massage 

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