Services & Pricing 

Swedish Massage

$80 / 60min ~ $130 / 90min ~ $180 / 120min 

Just need to decompress and get some feel good endorphins going? Then this is a classic relaxing massage for you. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

$90 / 60min ~ $140 / 90min ~ $190 /120min

Dig deep and release chronic tension from your deeper layers of muscle in my deep tissue massage.

Kundala Massage


$80 / 60min ~  $130 / 90min ~ $180 / 120min

Intermediate Trainee:

$100 / 60min ~ $150 / 90min ~ $200 / 120min

Certified Kundala Massage Therapist: 

$120 / 60min ~ $170 / 90min ~ $220 / 120min

Kundala is a tactile style of flow art, that combines music, with choreographed movements that feel as if multiple therapists are working on the client at once. This is a hybridized style of massage, where the therapist uses their feet legs and bodyweight in addition to their arms and hands as additional massage tools. Music dictates the flow and energy of the space creating an immersive, meditative experience. A modality in a league of its own. Unique. Divine. One of a Kind.


** LMTs are in the process of training and will be available for bookings in May / April. Please text or email the company to secure an apt time for when they are ready for appointments! **  

(801) 987-0740

Ready to fall in love with a new modality of massage? Lucky for you its just a few clicks away and a drive to Kundala Massage & Bodywork.



The Client Experience 

  • EARTHY DECOR: Right as you come in to the massage studio, be greeted with down to earth decor with a bohemian vibe and laid back flare. Orange and red paint the walls, hints of blues and greens accents them with decor from around the world. 

  • AMBIENT LIGHTS & AROMATHERAPY: The ambiance of the studio is immediately inviting and relaxing. Smell the wonderful scents of different blends of aromatherapy in our colorful LED diffusers. Feel at ease with our ambient lighting of dim hues of red, orange and green. 

  • MUSIC: The music of the spa is electronic lounge music, which sets a unique entrancing energy and vibe. Each track is hand picked in a collage of music that guides each massage. To see a sample of the spas music, check this track out on youtube. 

  • HEAT: You'll never be cold in a massage room again, for Kundala massages are WARM. A Grad A silent electric heater keeps the massage room at a cozy temp. You will love the warmth melting your muscles and easing your tension. 

  • DRAPING:  In a traditional massage, normally a sheet covers you'r whole body. I fully believe that the sheet is a waste of time and a waste of your money. The constant act of "re-draping" takes time away from your massage and disrupts the flow of it. Instead of that, we use a towels, shorts or a hand made piece that securely drapes your private areas at all times. 

  • TRACING EFFECT: At the start of each Kundala Massage, the LMT starts by using the tips of their fingers to effortlessly glide gently over your skin, seemingly choreographed to the music. It quite literally feels like their finger tips are dancing on your skin. This is how they get your mind completely present and in the zone.

  • HOT RAIN: In each massage service, scentless, hypoallergenic massage oil is used and applied in a way that feels as if hot rain or rivers are dripping or waving over your skin. This hot oil application is tantalizing, and can literally take your breath away. 

  • THE MASSAGE: Once you have been prepped with the "tracing," "hot rain" techniques, begin to feel you'r LMTs limbs glide effortlessly in a graceful sequence guided by music. Be completely mesmerized as you feel limbs moving from one place to the next, often not knowing which way they are facing or what limbs they are using where. The massage is almost  like watching a show, but instead of with your eyes its with your sense of touch. A tactile performance. This trance like quality makes is much easier and natural to relax and let go compared to traditional massage styles. It's highly unique and un like anything you have experienced.  

  • HOT TOWELS: After your massage is complete on your back side, feel a hot towel melt even deeper into your back neck and shoulders, melting away any remaining achenes. When your massage is completed on the front side, get another hot towel for your feet or forehead. Each hot towel does a great job of removing the bulk of the oil, but if you would like another towel, just ask. We also have showers available to you before or after the massage. Just remember to bring your toiletries, a towel and a change of clothes to walk down the hall where the shower is located. 

  • FINAL TOUCHES: Once your massage is complete, cool down with a cool towel, and a glass of chilled water. 



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