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Energy Bath

$30 / 30min (promotional price)

Our "energy bath" service can be enjoyed as a sole service or be added on to any of our massage treatments. It includes:


- Crystal Stone Therapy 

- Reiki Energy Healing 

- Authentic Crystal Sound Bowl

Visit our conveniently located massage spa, just 15 minutes from Salt Lake, and treat yourself to a Kundala "Energy Bath".

What is Reiki?

 An ancient hands on or palm healing practice                   that has been around for about 2,500 years.

  Reiki is a form of healing, performed by                         channeling energy from practitioner to patient.


  By activating the body's natural healing                         processes, the practitioner is able to promote                      and restore physical and emotional

                         wellbeing in the patient.

Metaphysical Healing Murray Utah


Metaphysics, can be described as physics that have yet to be fully explained or understood. 

The metaphysics of energy, and an individuals ability to manipulate, or influence that energy can powerful, intriguing and worth further inspection. What was once pushed to the side as illegitimate school of thought is now being studied and taken more seriously. 

Crystal stones, crystal sound baths and reiki energy healing can all be considered components of meta- physical healing.

Reiki Massage in Salt Lake City

#6 Crown Chakra 

  • Color: Indigo

  • Mantra: "I SEE" 

  • Placement: Between the brows

  • Musical Note: A

  • Properties: Intuition, insight 

  • Challenge: Illusion

  • When in Excess: Delusions, hallucinations, obsessiveness

  • When deficient: Poor imagination / vision 

#5 Throat Chakra

  • Color: Light Blue

  • Mantra: "I SPEAK"

  • Properties: Communication, truth, creativity

  • Placement: Throat

  • Musical Note: G

  • Challenge: Lies

  • When Excessive: Too talkative, dominant voice, interrupts, doesn't listen

  • When Deficient: Weak voice, introvert, fear of speaking, shy, poor rhythm

#7 Crown Chakra 

  • Color: Purple, Gold, Clear

  • Mantra: "I UNDERSTAND"

  • Properties: Spirituality, Divinity, Transcendence.

  • Placement: Just above the head

  • Musical Note: B

  • Challenge: Attachment

  • When Excessive: Over zealous, over belief in personal intellect

  • When Deficient: Apathy, cynicism.

#3 Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Color: Yellow

  • Mantra: "I DO"

  • Properties: Autonomy, Personal Energy, Will Power, Self Esteem.

  • Placement: Solar Plexus

  • Musical Note: E

  • Challenge: Shame

  • When Excessive: Aggressive, controlling, arrogant, outbursts

  • When Deficient: Easily manipulated, victim mindset, weak willed

#4 Heart Chakra

  • Color: Pink and Green

  • Mantra: "I LOVE"

  • Properties: Love, devotion, relationships, giving and accepting

  • Placement: Center of sternum 

  • Musical Note: F

  • Challenge: Grief

  • When Excessive: Codependency, clingy, jealousy, demanding

  • When Deficient: Antisocial, isolated, vain, fear of intimacy, critical, withdrawn, intolerant 

#2 Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Mantra: "I FEEL"

Properties: Movement, desire, pleasure, need, sensations.

Placement: Just below the navel 

Musical Note: D

Challenge: Guilt

When Excessive: Addiction, excess emotions, poor boundaries

When Deficient: Rigid body and attitude, denial of pleasure, fear of change

#1 Root Chakra

Color: Red, Black, Brown  

Mantra: "I AM"

Properties: Trust, Safety, Health

Placement: Groin

Tone: C

Challenge: Fear

When Excessive: Material fixation, greed, over eating, sluggish, addicted to security

When Deficient: Disconnected from the body, fearful, anxious, restless, poor focus and discipline. 


The literal translation of Chakra is disk, or wheel. It refers to the bio energy wheels, or the bundles of nerves that run along the spinal cord. These bundles of nerves give off bio energetic fields that creates a sphere of energy around us, much like the magnetic field around our earth. These vibrations we give off cannot only be felt by the self but felt by others as well. When these centers are imbalanced, it can manifest  in ways that do not serve us. 

Its All About Vibrations

Everything is made out of energy. The output of that energy vibrates at certain frequencies and like tuning forks, those frequencies can match up to other frequencies, drawn to some and not drawn to others. This is the  basic idea behind manifesting and visualizing what we desire. We are bio energetic beings giving off our own frequencies that can influence others and our selves. When our energy is off or imbalanced, it can manifest in ways that don't serve us or those in our lives. Our "Energy Bath" can help your body self balance. 

Crystal Sound Baths | Singing Sound Bowls in Salt Lake City
Chakra Healing in Millcreek Utah
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