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Certified Kundala Massage Artist 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Attuned

Kundala Massage Ashley
Kundala Massage Ashley

Ashley's flow has been described as nurturing. 

Ashley exudes unconditional love for everyone no matter what form they are in. She is incredibly warm, with a fun, bubbly personality that bleeds into everything she says and does.


Ashley makes a point to create a connection and friendship with each of her clients that make them want to come back again and again not just for her awesome massage but also to vibe with her. 


She enjoys making jewelry, eating yummy food, and riding four wheelers; anything fun, different and exciting is her jam. 


Recommended for those struggling with lack of love, touch and connection or those who could use more youthful energy in their lives.  


Owner and Founder of Kundala Massage 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Yoga Instructor 

Reiki Certified (Energy Work)

Camilla started Kundala Massage about 5 years ago, and taught her first LMT's this past year (see above) . 

Camilla is a certified yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, reiki healer and has experience in many different styles of massage. She loves her new pet jumping spider, loves her dogs, the dog park, and enjoys being vegan. Camilla is now focused on teaching and training other massage therapists in Kundala Massage so this unique modality can heal others on a wider scale. Camilla is no longer accepting new clientele, unless it's for couples or four hand massages. So be sure to book with one of her amazing artists.

Kundala Massage Camilla
Kundala Massage Camilla