Why Chair Massage?

At Kundala, we offer 30 minute focused chair massage, perfect for a mid-day relaxation session.  Our spa in Millcreek is the best spot for you to reap the benefits of Kundala or Traditional chair massage. 

During a  chair massage, you'll be fully clothed and the LMT will work the back of your body, as well as your neck and arms. 

In a Kundala chair massage, the LMT uses their knees and bodyweight to dig deep and release chronic tension.  

Both styles of chair massage are sure to be relaxing, healing, and help eliminate daily stress. 

Kundala Chair Massage 

30min / $40 

Want to try the Kundala vibe but don't have time or funds for a full massage? Our Kundala Chair Massage is the thing for you. All the flow and flair of a typical Kundala massage, but only 30 minutes! Perfect for some lunch break relaxation or anytime you need to de-stress.

Kundala Chair Massage salt lake city
Chair massage in Murray Utah
Traditional Chair Massage 
30min / $30

Looking for something quick, afordable and more traditional? Then stop in for our 30min traditional chair massage in Murray Utah.